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Back in 1972 the increase in hourly production capacity and consequent appearance of the first “multi-wire cutters” aggravated the problem of loss of production as a result of stoppages due to breaking and replacement of cutting wires.

After various studies and trials, TRIXOFIL was launched, a revolutionary cutting wire consisting of seven special spiral-wound steel wires and the company "TRIXOFIL" was established for marketing and sale of the new wire.

To ascertain the effectiveness of the new product, a large-scale practical test was organised with Italian brick manufacturers under the slogan:


The operation aroused great interest throughout the Italian brick industry with a lively customer response.

The data collected not only confirmed that we were on the right path but enabled us to perfect the quality of the product in order to meet initial user needs and requirements.

At the beginning it was difficult to overcome the psychological gap due to replacement of the traditional “steel music wire”, inexpensive and readily available, with a more sophisticated and costly product.

However, the practical benefits in terms of regularity and continuity of the production process, which meant virtual elimination of stoppages due to the wire breaking and therefore an increase in daily production capacity, paved the way for success.

Constant contact with technicians of the top companies in the sector has resulted in continuous updating and quality improvement, and we now advise all users to check the actual duration of the wire before programming wire change outside work shifts.

Co-operation with cutter manufacturers has helped to improve the systems for attaching the wire to the machine supports in order to fully exploit its extremely high resistance capabilities.

The most suitable packaging to guarantee the best practical conditions for use and warehouse storage has also been studied and designed, ensuring that TRIXOFIL maintains its initial characteristics and protecting it against oxidisation.

All this, combined with a targeted sales policy, has contributed to the spread of TRIXOFIL in many countries all over the world.

On 1st January 2002 TRIXOFIL became part of Geom. Guido Palasciano srl, a company with many years’ experience in the sector and purchaser of the TRIXOFIL trademark.


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